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Jan. 21st, 2011 @ 11:56 pm MEGA ELLA LOLZ
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Umer Ghaffar says

did i show you the video of metallica talking about manowar?

interviewer: ive been on stage with manowar

lars: sorry to hear that


Ella Geraghty says

i didnt watch it


Umer Ghaffar says


"did i show you the vid?"

"yeah i didnt watch it"


Ella Geraghty says

i did tell you at the time

i was busy


Umer Ghaffar says

i hope tomorrow you go on youtube to have your recommendations FILLED with manowar


Ella Geraghty says

exams are more important than manowar/mushroomhead/anal cunt

Hahahahaha.  She knows me too well.
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Jan. 20th, 2011 @ 01:17 am GIGS GIGS GIGS
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By the looks of things, 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for gigs.  What with the excellent Sonisphere lineup so far, and Iron Maiden doing their first UK tour in years, and several other smaller gigs here and there.  So I thought I'd go through the ones I'd like to attend:

Well this is a thrasher's dream.  You've got bands from each of the three major thrash metal scenes here (East coast, German, West coast, in that order).  Headlining are the brilliant Overkill, a really hardworking band that's still here after 30 years and FIFTEEN albums of intense, skullkrushing (ha ha ha) metal.  There is actually not a single bad album in their catalogue, plus Bobby Blitz has to have one of the most unique, immediately identifiable voices in metal.  They'll be a real treat to witness live, particularly the song Wrecking Crew.

Opening for Overkill will be Destruction, one of the three kings of the German Teutonic thrash scene.  A great band to put on just before Overkill; I quite enjoy this band but I can't seem to get their albums from anywhere.  Thanks to the invention of Spotify I'm still able to listen to their music, and hopefully will be witnessing them live soon.  And, come on, if you're into metal, how can you not like a band with a name like Destruction?

First band on the bill is Heathen, not familiar with this band but I vaguely remember enjoying what I heard.  I'm confident they're a good fit for this lineup though, and I'm just glad Blitz and D.D. Verni haven't picked some godawful band to open for them, like W.A.S.P. did with The Glitterati at Shepherd's Bush in 2009.

Seriously underrated New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, produced classics like Wheels of Steel, Heavy Metal Thunder, Strong Arm of the Law and Denim and Leather.  Still coming out with decent shit, 2009's Into the Labyrinth was an enjoyable listen.  Even Lady Gaga likes Saxon.  I'd like to see them properly, I caught a bit of them at Sonisphere 2009 and thought they were decent, plus Biff's getting quite old now so I dunno how much longer he'd be able to do it.  Plus I like the venue - it's the first place I saw W.A.S.P.

This is the Big one (capitalised for a reason).  So far, the lineup is:


Fuck me, that's pretty awesome.  Six awesome bands, two very good bands (Mastodon and In Flames), one band I have pretty much no opinion of (Biffy) and only one band so far that I actually cannot stand (Parkway Drive).  Parkway Drive are generic, boring metalcore that sound like literally hundreds of other bands, but I'm not gonna go on, cos Axl Rosenberg of Metalsucks does it much better than me.

But as for the others - I could rant and rave all day about the Big Four, but I won't - but the fact that all four of them are here, together, for the first time in the UK is certainly historic.  This is gonna be a delicious feast of metal and one that I'm gonna be sure not to miss (bought my ticket 2 days ago!).  I only hope they all come out and play another song together, this time with all of Slayer.  It's so great that these bands are all still around after 30 years, and still listened to enough to play big festivals like this.  It confirms what I've always said about music - if you're good, you'll maintain a long career and/or still be listened to after you're gone, and if you're not, you won't.

As for Slipknot - this'll be their first UK show (possibly first show full stop) since the death of Paul Gray.  However, after having destroyed Download in 2009 I'm sure they'll be looking to destroy Sonisphere too.  They've always been very good live and I'm sure they'll deliver.  Glad they're on the bill, cos I haven't seen them before and I've wanted to for a long time.

Motorhead - what is there to be said that hasn't been said?  In my opinion, the definitive rock n' roll band, they've probably influenced everyone else who's currently on the bill.  What can you say about Lemmy?  The man's still getting it done at the age of 65  Another band I've not yet seen live, and I've only ever heard good things about Motorhead gigs.  Mastodon are a good New Wave of American Heavy Metal band; they're actually the first band I ever saw live, opening for Metallica at Wembley Stadium in 2007.  Although I've still not listened to it start to finish, their latest album Crack the Skye has been well extremely received by many metal fans; reminiscent of Machine Head putting out The Blackening.  In Flames; big 90s metal band, very influential in the European metal scene, I will always remember the songs from their 2006 album Come Clarity that I used to listen to obsessively back when it came out.

This is one of the greatest UK festival bills I have ever seen, and while I'm sure a lot of bands I don't really care about will be added, I do think they'll add one or two really good bands yet - there's talk of Soundgarden, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, and some other bands.  We'll wait and see, but so far this is very, very good.  I've already purchased my ticket, so bring on July.

Last Easter, my mum taped Flight 666 for me, and she asked me while I was watching it "how have you never seen this lot play?"  Well in August that'll be no more.  I've wanted to see Iron Maiden and Slayer so badly for years and now in 2011 it's finally gonna happen.  Maiden are brilliant proof of a band that's aged gracefully, Bruce has still got the pipes, their triple guitar attack still pull of those great melodies, driven by the characteristic galloping bass of Steve Harris.  Their albums in the 2000s have all been good, though recently developing a kind of prog streak, resulting in the last album having some great stuff, but some really long overblown stuff.  However, I don't think they'll do what they did on the A Matter of Life and Death tour, and play the whole of their most recent album in its entirety, cos that would just suck.  When I go and see Maiden, I want to see a smattering of the classics, y'know - The Trooper, Fear of the Dark, Run to the Hills, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, etc, with some more recent classics thrown in too, like The Final Frontier, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg, Paschendale, The Wicker Man - you get the idea.  I've seen them say how there's a generation of fans out there who never saw them in the 80s or early 2000s, and so never got to see them play the classics, so I hope they do play most of the good stuff and not a setlist consisting entirely of songs from the last decade, like they've been doing in the US.  But either way - I'm going to see fucking Iron Maiden for the first time, I'm not gonna complain.  I just know it won't suck.

So there you are.  By the looks of things I'll be quite gig-active in 2011.  It's great that metal is still popular enough (without being mainstream) for these bands to still have an audience and play decent sized venues.  Even Manowar are returning to the UK in March, for the first time in 16 years, though I won't be going cos it's in Birmingham and it's sold out now anyway.  I'd like to see Manowar actually, they're gloriously silly with all this "epic" stuff they do, but they've got a lot of solid songs and I'm sure they're excellent live.  I won't whinge about it though, I'm sure I'll see them at some point in my life, and besides - look at all these other awesome gigs I've got lined up.

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Jan. 16th, 2011 @ 01:29 am HELLO ALL
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I'm gonna come back here to talk shit more often, I've decided.  I'll start properly at a later date, probably after my exams are over, but to start with, does anyone remember Blazin Squad?

I can't embed the video because for some reason they've disabled it on their official youtube channel (yeah - they have one).  I laughed at this for ages last night, especially the ANDWEPRAYANDWEPRAYANDWEPRAYANDWEPRAY, EVERYDAYEVERYDAYEVERYDAYEVERYDAY bit.

I remembered some of them had stupid names, so headed over to Wikipedia to find out what these names were.  Upon doing this it turns out that someone has fucked with their wikipedia page, describing them as awful in the very first sentence.  I won't spoil it for you, but one of my personal favourite bits is where the author says they were influenced by Korn.

So there's my brief initial comeback post for you.  I'll try and come back more often, with more stuff to talk shit on.
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araya and mustaine
Mar. 4th, 2010 @ 12:34 am Writer's Block: High notes
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If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

Rock music.  Because there's so many different subgenres.  Heavy metal is as broad a genre of music as it gets, and that it itself is a subgenre of rock music.  Within metal there's traditional/classic metal, thrash metal, death metal, power metal, black (also known as shit) metal, etc etc.  And then there's the other rock sub-genres - punk, grunge, prog rock, hard rock, classic rock, and so on.  And then there's the crossover genres - jazz rock, country rock, funk rock, electronic rock, rap rock, blues rock, acoustic rock.

So yeah.  Rock music.
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Feb. 26th, 2010 @ 12:46 am A LIST.
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From time to time, I look around facebook groups praising various things I really dislike - certain "musicians" (there is a reason why that's in inverted commas), films, various things that get popular and will be forgotten in several years.  The reason I do this is because I'm a great big arsehole who enjoys reading the illogical, incoherent shite spouted by the people defending the indefensible.  It's funny.  In some cases, painfully so.  So when I stumbled across a few facebook groups declaring Ray Toro to be a "rock god" and "the best guitarist in the world" (with one idiot even going as far as to say he is "the next Slash"), I was momentarily put out of action by fits of hysterical laughter.

How can anyone consider this man a rock god?  Which memorable solos or riffs has he written?  How does any of his guitar work compare to Highway to Hell, or Stairway to Heaven, or Holy Wars?  THESE are classic songs that were written decades ago and are still listened to today.  The best guitarist in the world?  Please.  Strumming power chords does not make you an amazing guitar player.  I could do that less than a year into playing.  And I'm a very average guitar player.

And to call him the next Slash is utterly ridiculous.  The man is such a Slash wannabe, with the hair and the Les Paul he plays.

Deciding to see what else he has in his repetoire other than the rubbish riffs of MCR, I went on youtube and had a look at some vids of his improv soloing.  Although being better than his work in MCR would suggest, it wasn't all that great.  So many guitar players can do better than that without breaking a sweat. 

In fact, I am now going to list 100 guitarists BETTER than this clown.  In no particular order:

Jimmy Page

Eddie Van Halen

Yngwie Malmsteem

Dave Mustaine

James Hetfield

Kirk Hammett

Jimi Hendrix

Angus Young

Malcolm Young

Jeff Hanneman

Kerry King

Scott Ian

Rob Caggiano

Ritchie Blackmore

Tony Iommi

Jerry Cantrell

Randy Rhoads

Zakk Wylde

Blackie Lawless


Michael Schenker

Rudolph Schenker


Alexi Laiho

Mick Mars

Glenn Tipton

KK Downing

Chris Broderick

Marty Friedman

Izzy Stradlin

Jeff Young

Jeff Beck

Gary Holt

Jon Schaffer

Dave Murray

Adrian Smith

Janick Gers

Paul Stanley

Bob Kulick

Chris Holmes

Robb Flynn

Ross The Boss

Fast Eddie Clark

Dimebag Darrell

Jake E Lee

Tom Morello

Max Cavalera

Doug Blair

Eric Clapton

BB King

Chuck Berry

Mark Morton

Will Adler

John Petrucci

John Frusciante

Billy Gibbons

Neil Young

Johnny Cash

Steve Vai

Joe Satriani

Gary Moore

Frank Zappa

Trent Reznor

Kurt Cobain

Pete Townshend

Dave Grohl

Carlos Santana

Brian May

Phil Collen

Steve Clark

Bryan Adams

Dave Navarro

Billy Corgan

Phil Demmel

Jim Root

Mick Thompson

Matt Heafy

Corey Beaulieu

Chuck Schuldiner

Alex Skolnick

George Lynch

Eric Peterson

Salman Ahmad

Joe Perry

Jay Jay French

Johnny Thunders

Peter Frampton


Noel Gallagher

Don Dokken

Herman Li

Glen Drover

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Keith Richards

Johnny Ramone

The Edge

Matt Tuck

Dave Baksh

Ace Frehley

Deryck Whibley

So there you have it.  Remember that this isn't a list of my 100 favourite guitarists, or the best 100 guitarists ever - just 100 people that I thought of in 15mins better than this not-that-good guitarist.

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Feb. 3rd, 2010 @ 08:54 pm Delighted to see the end of Fall Out Boy
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I've decided to stop writing about stupid shit that goes on in my life, because no one cares.  And it's not particularly interesting anyway.  Instead, I'm gonna start writing about ACTUAL things that happen in the world, whether it's sport, music, maybe even politics.

So let's start with the news that Fall Out Boy are on indefinite hiatus.

Make no mistake - I fucking hated this band.  I couldn't bear to listen to Patrick’s whiney, horrible voice.  The riffs this band churned out were SHIT; you could teach a monkey to perfect the band's entire back catalogue in a matter of days.  I know the typical response to this is "just because it's easy music to play, doesn't mean it's BAD music - punk music has always been easy to play."  Sure, punk musicians didn't have chops, but punk bands were angry people with stuff to say.  They were pissed off about certain social or political issues, or just voicing their disgust of everything mainstream.  Punk riffs may be basic, but they had anger in them; they were rebellious, unruly, they had attitude. You couldn’t teach a monkey to play with that passion.

Fall Out Boy lacked this anger and rebelliousness, because they were not punk. They were a mainstream pop band with guitars, just like Busted and McFly. Many 13-16 year old girls are of the incorrect impression that they are punk, though I believe they get this from the fact that they have guitars in their band and play slightly heavier and faster than Busted and McFly. A lot of these girls are in total ignorance of true punk bands such as the Sex Pistols, the Ramones; even the more modern bands like Rancid and Bad Religion.

So because they weren’t punk, and thus lacked the aggression of a punk band, you are left with basic riffs with no attitude to them, and when you add Patrick’s horrible “singing”, you are left with a great big steaming pile of horse shit. Which brings me on to my next point – Fall Out Boy are actually rubbish musicians.

I’ve seen a few clips of this band live on TV. It momentarily amused me, watching Pete and Joe constantly spinning around, climbing on top of amps and jumping off, all the while manifesting their inability to play their instruments particularly well. Come to think of it, these stage antics are probably a distraction from their shitty musicianship. “Stumpy”, as well, is certainly nothing special as a guitarist, but even less special as a vocalist, and looked really uncomfortable trying to sing and play guitar at the same time. The drummer was pretty average, making him by far the most talented member of this band.

“Indefinite hiatus” is the phrase Blink-182 used when they split, but they returned a few years later. Let’s hope Fall Out Boy do NOT return.

Nearly 40 years on, people still remember the Sex Pistols. 40 years from now, I’m confident no one will remember Fall Out Boy.

Good fucking riddance.

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dave mustaine
Dec. 1st, 2009 @ 11:15 pm MEGA LOLZ
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Yeah I haven't been here for ages because, frankly, I couldn't be arsed.

But this was too funny not to document:

(>'-'<) :[ ... Facing the Path of Time ... :[ (>'-'<) says:
*what would u do when theres a massive earthquake
*and u r shitting

Ultrasonically Modulated Electron Resonance     says:*id go outside
*and shit down one of the cracks
*so i could say
*"i shat down the centre of the earth"
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blackie lawless
Sep. 14th, 2009 @ 12:27 am MEGA MALIK LOLZ
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When discussing Megadeth's new album and the song Headcrusher -


Ultrasonically Modulated Electron Resonance     says:

im going to buy endgame tomrrow

(>'-'<) CREEPING DEATH (>'-'<) says:


hopefully :D


Headcrusher reminds me of tht old advert involving cats




drink milk or i'll crusha


Ultrasonically Modulated Electron Resonance     says:


(>'-'<) CREEPING DEATH (>'-'<) says:


Now I'll never be able to listen to that song again without laughing!
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dave mustaine
Aug. 5th, 2009 @ 12:07 am Sonispheeeeeeeere (say in James Hetfield voice)
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So on Friday before we left, my Mum agreed wholeheartedly with my plan to not shit for the entire weekend and explicitly told me, "Go to Kebaby and get some food that will make you take a dump so that you won't have to when you get there".  She's awesome.  I did as I was told and Sam arrived just after 3 with Grace's tent (which took up 3 bags).  Mum dropped us off at Morden station, we got on the tube to Kings Cross, then got on a train to Stevenage which took all of 20mins.  Maybe less.

There was a shuttle bus at Stevenage station which took us to Knebworth Park, where we met Jamie.  We did the whole, show confirmation of winning tickets, get wristband thing, and got to where Jamie and Andy were camping.  We met the people they were camping with (Ed, Harry, Lawrence, Johnny and some weird Scottish girl called Rachel who I warmed to as the weekend went on) and tried to set up our tent.  I never want to do that again, it was so hard.  To be honest, I knew I would cause more problems than help so I just sat there eating the chocolate corn flake thingies I brought with me.  When we'd finally set up the tent we spent the rest of the day cotching, discussing music and bands we'd see, buying (shit and expensive) food, playing Ice Cube and Ludacris (MOVE BITCH GET OUT DA WAY GET OUT DA WAY GET OUT DA WAY) really loud to see how long we could go without pissing the metalheads off before eventually going to sleep.

The first night was the most uncomfortable, we woke at like 9 and cotched for a bit waiting for Lord Sam to get his ass out of his sleeping bag.  His excuse being one of the quotes and running jokes of the weekend; "I'm decompressing!"  When he had finally "decompressed" enough to get going, we went and waited for the shuttle bus to town.  Dying for some proper food, we went and got KFC.  Some fried chicken is better than none, eh?  Some people went and took a shit in the KFC toilets cos apparently the Tesco ones would have too long a queue, I was recommended to go but I genuinely didn't need to at this point.

We went to Tesco where I bought a 2L bottle of coke and then we returned to the campsite and went off to see the first band of the festival - Anthrax.  Scott Ian was the first to come on stage and they launched into What Doesn't Die.  I wanted to be nearer the front but no one else was as bothered as me, at least I converted them after their set.  They were fucking good, they played Caught in a Mosh, Bring The Noise, (which they rapped themselves, Scott Ian's verse was funny), I Am The Law, ("THIS IS...I...AM...THE -" and Scott said "GAY" - we all rofled) and closed with my favourite Anthrax tune, Indians.  Great fucking band, underrated I feel, not as well known as the other big thrash bands (Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer).  It was also a one off show with John Bush on vocals, quite possibly their last, so that was cool.

We went back to the campsite and it started pissing down so cotched there for ages, hearing Heaven & Hell and Taking Back Shitday from our tent, before heading off to see Bullet For My Valentine, who were so fucking funny for all the wrong reasons.  Me and Sam couldn't stop laughing when Matt Tuck asked us to raise our middle fingers to the sky and say "Fuck the weather!", and when they played Tears Don't Fall Sam said to me "I think I've finally found a band I despise...I just think they're...pretty shit."  And then when they played Scream Aim Fire we couldnt stop laughing at the shitty lyrics, particularly when he growled "screeeeaaaam, aiiiiim, fiiiiiire".  It was too funny.  I've gone off them a lot tbh, they're like a kid's metal band, with an emo name, emo song content, and shity lyrics, with the odd nice riff here and there, 8 out of 10 of which have been nicked from other bands.  After them we saw Linkin Park to appease my inner 12 year old, they were a decent live band actually, then we went back to our tent.

Squashed a lot of bands onto this day.  Started the day with Lamb of God, fucking sick live, those moshpits were awesome, I did fall over but someone immediately helped me up.  Randy let slip that the special guests were indeed Machine Head, to which there was an overwhelming cheer.  We got seperated but I found Scottish girl who grabbed my shirt and said "I'm sticking with you this time!" and soon found Jamie.  Lamb of God finished and Mastodon came on at the second stage, but we stayed put so that we could get a good place for Machine Head.  I even let Scottish girl go ahead of me, on the barrier, cos she was small and wouldnt be able to see anything otherwise.  Machine Head came on and they fucking destroyed, they were so awesome.  Their mosh pits were also something else, Robb Flynn told us he wanted to beat their previous record of 12 circle pits and they did it - 21 circle pits.  Fucking sick.  Tired out after Machine Head, we went back to the tent and cotched until it was time for Alice in Chains.  Sadly, I missed half of their set because everyone else wanted a good place for Nine Inch Nails; I wasn't bothered but a good place for them meant a better place for Metallica.  We did get a good place, NIN came on and they were a good live band but the setlist was so naff and boring, full of shitty mellow songs which only a bit of heaviness.  Plus naturally I was really impatient given who was coming on after them.  When they finished we all sat down to rest our legs and wait for the Gods to come on.

Whilst waiting for them, each half of the crowd decided to amuse themselves by chucking bottles at each other.  I've never had so much fun waiting for a band to come out.  The Ecstacy of Gold came on and there was a huge cheer, following by singing along, and then, totally unexpected - the intro to Blackened.  We were all like "OMGWTFBBQ BLACKENED NO WAY".  Lars was the first to come out behind the drums, then James walked onstage playing the riff, with Rob and Kirk running out after.  Fucking awesome, we were all jumping madly, shouting along, it was quality.  The straight after Blackened James asked us "Are you ready for some old shit?" and they ripped into Creeping Death, needless to say the DIE! DIE! DIE! bridge was a highlight of the performance.  Other highlights were:

Fuel third song in
Fade to Black, One and The Day That Never Comes.  Sick metal ballads which really rammed home how perfect everything was.
Cyanide - it just feels so right live.
James asking us "How many of you have seen Metallica before?" and me proudly shouting "Me!"
Dyers Eve live for like the second or third time ever!
Master of Puppets obviously.  James holding the mic out to the crowd making them sing the choruses was so...anthemic
Enter Sandman, again felt so right live.
Hit the Lights ("Who here owns Kill 'Em All?  You're lying to me.  All of you?").

Now, the moshpits when this band were onstage were truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before.  I've said a few times before that I wish I'd started going to gigs earlier but to be honest I think I'm gonna retract that statement.  A younger Umer may have got quite badly hurt.  The only downer was losing my wallet some point during Of Wolf and Man but I told myself not to worry about it, that'd I'd probably get it back tomorrow with all cards intact cos no one would bother stealing them (I was proven right, thank god) and to enjoy the Metallica show cos they do not come up often.  Other than that, it was so fucking good.  They were flawless, they were like a band who really knew how to play just cos they wanted to please their fans who have made them one of the biggest selling bands of all time.  That show in particular really rammed home why I love Metallica so much and why they're my favourite band, everything was just so awesome.  They closed with Seek & Destroy where I gave my hurting throat one last kick, and then we sang happy birthday to James as he turned 46 and Lars pie'd him in the face.  Each of them came to the mic and said a few words of thanks, Lars saying "We've done a few of these Sonispheres around Europe and I guess we saved the best for fucking last right?" which was met with a huge cheer.  I narrowly missed out on catching Rob's bass pick but I didn't mind too much.  The gig was fucking perfect.

So we went back to the tent and cotched for a bit, woke up the next morning, packed up and left.  Had some more KFC before leaving.  Mum picked me up when I got to Morden and when I got home I made straight for the bathroom.

Sick festival.  Sick weekend.  Sick bands.  Anthrax, Lamb of God, Machine Fucking Head and the mighty Metallica were the highlights.  Bring on Sonisphere 2010.
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Jul. 31st, 2009 @ 11:23 am Just a memo
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Two days ago a Dallas takeaway leaflet came through our door.  That's the first time that's ever happened.

Still packing for Sonisphere, getting on the tube at 3:30.  Setting up the tent will be fun.  Bought loads of shit to snack on.

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